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Four routes to compliance
So did you know that there are four routes to compliance with the 09.09.2011 Energy Usage amendments to the National Building Regulations? If you did not, don’t be surprised because not all of the Technical Committee rewriting SANS10400XA are aware of how the system works in practice. However if we are looking for the enabling Regulations to justify this four route view: T...
Draft Proposal for Comments
The proposed new changes to the fenestration section of the prescriptive route relating to XA regulations will have impact on design, specifications and building costs. The proposals are being finalised and we will soon have sufficient information to be able to communicate these to you. Indications are that there are major changes that will restrict architectural creativity and increase costs. B...
New Developments in the SANS10400 Part XA Standard
In the next iteration of XA we are likely to have cavity walls as the minimum walling system in South Africa. The evidence of the superiority of the cavity wall over solid walling is overwhelming. In hundreds of energy models over as many building designs and across all climate zones in the RSA the potential advantage for improved comfort and reduced heating and cooling is demonstrated with a...
News Page Added to Website
We are delighted to add yet another page to our website, that'll bring you up to date on all new News Items, from the desks of Howard Harris and Graeme Sher. ...