SP Energy provides Energy Modeling services to clients who are erecting new buildings or extending existing buildings.

The  Structatherm Projects division specialises in the energy modelling of buildings and provides Rational Design services to customers who are developing new and existing buildings. We are geared to produce an accurate, cost efficient Rational Design service in accordance with Regulation SANS 10400-XA  with a quick turnaround so that clients plans can be submitted to Local Councils without delay.

Structatherm Projects has grown significantly in the energy modelling area and the principle activity of the company has developed into providing Rational Design Services in accordance with Regulation XA, SANS 10400-XA and the supporting standards in accordance with the amendment XA to the National Building Regulations.

Our Rational Design service is extended via Architects and other Building Professionals as well as the home owner or developer directly. We are also Certified EDGE Auditors.

Structatherm Projects have associations with other firms which complement our services and often we are in a Project Management role for a wide range of subjects, such as Solar Water heating, Solar PV, Green Buildings and Specialised Energy Consulting.

To this end we have managed Environmental and Socio-economic Life Cycle Assessment projects.


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